Spectral matching

The system utilizes a state of the art spectrophotometer to measure the patient’s skin colour. The readings measure the reflected light over the entire visible spectrum producing a spectral curve that precisely describes the patient’s real skin colour.

The system software processes this data to create a pigment recipe that is a spectral match resulting in a non-metameric prosthesis that matches the patient in all lighting conditions to all observers.

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Accurate recipe prediction

Our ongoing commitment to develop ever more accurate recipe prediction algorithms has resulted in a formulation engine that accurately predicts the recipe colour first time and every time. These recipes will measure a colour difference of less than 0.8ΔE (CIE de2000) 99.8% of the time.

Weighing accuracy

The Spectromatch Pro software calculates the tolerance for each individual ingredient in a recipe. It displays the maximum weighing error that will not cause any noticeable shift in the overall recipe colour. As well as insuring optimal accuracy, this time saving piece of functionality does not demand more precision from the user than is absolutely necessary.

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Instrument agreement profiling

The Spectromatch Pro software incorporates sophisticated instrument profiling algorithms that ensure your spectrophotometer always performs optimally.