Our silicone colourants are manufactured to the highest clinical standards using the best quality materials to give consistent repeatable results.

  • A batch to batch colour consistency of <1 ΔE (CIE de2000) and colour strength of ±0.2% is ensured
  • Pigments have been selected to have a high degree of light fastness
  • Pigments are processed using a three roll mill to achieve homogenous dispersion with no pigment agglomerates above 10um
  • Silicones coloured with our colourants can be cured at temperatures up to 110°C
  • Our colourants conform to EU Medical Devices Directives 93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC and carry the CE mark


Our QuickWeigh colourants work with our digital skin colour matching systems enabling quick and easy weighing of recipes at low balance resolutions with no loss of accuracy.

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Reality Series

Ready mixed skin shades for quick, accurate and easy skin colour matching.

Spectromatch has developed a ‘by eye’ colouring range that produces improved levels of colour constancy under various lighting conditions and between different observers.

The Reality Series is the first and only skin colouring system formulated to reduce metamerism. when matching by eye.

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Xtrinsic Inks

Heat cured silicone inks; simply paint them on and oven cure in minutes!

Xtrinsic silicone inks are addition, heat cured extrinsic colourants formulated to be painted directly onto cured silicone prosthesis - no primer is required.

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Expert Series Flocks give the clinician the possibility to create a huge range of colour textures as the flocks vary not just in colour but fibre length and thickness.

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