Xtrinsic - Silicone Inks

Heat cured silicone inks; simply paint them on and oven cure in minutes!


Spectromatch’s Xtrinsic silicone inks have been carefully formulated to give you an easy to use, flexible, hard wearing extrinsic colouring system.

The range utilizes a low viscosity silicone diluent that is a cosmetically approved ingredient and is a much safer choice than conventional organic solvents.

  • no primer is required - Xtrinsic silicone inks are addition, heat cured extrinsic colourants formulated to be painted directly onto cured silicone prosthesis
  • no sealant is required - The self-bonding silicone inks will cure to a tough silicone elastomer by heating to temperatures above 110°C for 5-10 minutes
  • no matting agent is required - The ink cures to a ‘skin like’ semi-matt finish, multiple layers can be applied allowing you to build up the required colour in an easily controlled way

The silicone inks are available in seven colours and supplied in 15ml dropper bottles for easy use.

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