QuickWeigh Series

QuickWeigh series works with Spectromatch skin colour matching systems enabling quick and easy weighing of recipes at low balance resolutions with no loss of accuracy.

Weighing out recipes can be frustrating and time consuming as well as requiring very expensive balances and a controlled draught free environment.

By listening to our customers’ needs we have produced a palette that not only saves huge amounts of time but also removes the need for expensive weighing equipment.

The benefits

  • Developed using Spectromatch technology and so benefits from levels of colour constancy under various lighting conditions thus effectively eliminating metamerism
  • QuickWeigh incorporates flock blends in order to match skin appearance as well as colour
  • Sophisticated pigment chemistry enabled us to produce the most lightfast and stable colour formulations for the manufacture of medical prosthetics worldwide
  • As a result of research in conjunction with practising clinicians, QuickWeigh colourant translucency delivers the most ‘life-like’ or ‘real’ looking prostheses
  • Designed to reduce recipe sensitivity to such an extent that any small weighing error will have little or no impact on the resulting overall colour

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